Spring 2015 Interest Week at GT

This Spring’s Interest Week events had the greatest turnout we’ve had in recent memory!  It’s been fantastic to see so many outstanding band members show interest in both KKPsi and TBS!

We kicked off interest week with our usual receptions that take place after the initial Pep Band and Concert/Symphonic band rehearsals of the semester.  Later in the week we held a board game night in our chapter room where anyone interested in TBS could hang out with sisters, play games, and simply have fun!  As you can see in the gallery below, attendance was phenomenal, the room was absolutely packed!

We then got together with our Iota brothers and had an extremely productive day of service with both our chapters and all those interested in learning more about us!  We took inventory of the entire percussion room in our music building and checked a massive number of items off of the music libraries to-do list.  There was plenty for everyone to do and ample opportunity for those interested to get to know us.

More amazingly successful events followed after we delivered bids!  Nearly all our bids came to our usual ice cream social, and our bid service event involved continuing the build of a ramp to be used for moving instruments between the music building and our trucks.  We made a ton of progress while still having some fun, despite the chilly temperatures.

We’re so fortunate to have so many awesome students so eager to serve the band.  Check out the gallery below for some snapshots of our interest and bid events!

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This was Kevone Hospedales' (circa 2015) account. Currently (2020) serving as the organization's account, which will hopefully be something easy to pass down to future members.

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