In Need of Service? 

If you are a small group that needs one of the following, please see our Contacts page for how to reach out so that we can help!

  • Small band to play for a good cause
  • Boy/Girl Scout Troop badges
  • Local School wanting sectional time or a small band

Our Lady of Perpetual Help

A small ensemble of sisters goes to one of our local nursing homes to interact with the patients and play some of our favorite songs. This is a really meaningful outreach event to us as we get to help lift their spirits and provide some social interactions to their day that they may be lacking.

Tau Beta Scouts

Every year, we host a Girl Scout Day. This is a fun day where sisters help young girl scouts earn their music badge and help foster a love for music by introducing them to various instruments and helping them make music of their own.

Within the Tech Community

At Georgia Tech, we help to serve our various different ensembles, including our marching band and concert ensembles. 

We support the Yellow Jacket Marching Band through multiple services events such as Band Camp Lunch, Instrument Cleaning, Gameday Assistance and even Shelf Building. Our main objective is to serve the band to the best of our abilities. During band camp, we help prepare lunch for the members of the band. One of our favorite activities during this week is to help build shelves for the equipment trucks. Additionally, throughout the semester we help move water to the stadium and pack snack bags for the members of the band going on away trips. We have also organized instrument cleaning for the band so that the equipment remains in pristine condition and have built numerous shelves for all of our needs.

For our Concert Bands, we also support our sit-down bands through concert and rehearsal logistical support. We help to move instruments for concerts and set up the rehearsal space each day, and help keep the music spaces clean. We also help to welcome audience members to concerts by providing snacks.