The Epsilon Theta chapter of Tau Beta Sigma, located at the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, was founded in 1973. Since its inception, our chapter has been committed to serving the Georgia Tech bands and the school of music overall in any way it can.

Through various service projects such as organizing music libraries, maintaining our Couch music building, hosting receptions at School of Music performances, and so on, we strive to help keep both the athletic and concert band programs running smoothly for all band members and staff.

Outreach to the Atlanta community is also a core aspect of what we do as a chapter. Through Scouting for Music, one of Tau Beta Sigma’s national programs, we host music merit badge days for Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts every semester. We also regularly play at a local hospital and nursing home.

Through activities like these, as well as various musical performances, grade school visits, and external service activities, we do our best to spread our influence throughout the Atlanta community and act as a gateway for young children and teens to discover music.

With our consistent Active membership of between 20 and 40 sisters, it is always our goal to bring together those band members who have a passion for music, service to the band, and the strong sense of sisterhood we maintain semester after semester. We take pride in being a unique combination of largely engineering and science students who devote themselves to the GT bands simply for the love of music.

We’re very fortunate to have the opportunity to strengthen the ideals of Tau Beta Sigma within members of the Georgia Tech community.